happy yee~halidays

Templeton Thompson

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ENTER THIS CODE: HAPPYYEEHALIDAYS18 & get 20% off of any of our music you purchase through our website through Christmas!!:) Our song HAPPY YEE~HAlidays is Featured in the NEW MarVista Entertainment Lifetime #ItsaWonderfulLifetime movie #EveryOtherHoliday !! This WONDER~full movie Premiered last Friday Nov. 23rd 2018 AND it's RE~AIRING SEVERAL more times during the YEE~HAlidays!! I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED can y'all tell!!;) You can check here for the airing schedule: https://www.mylifetime.com/schedule

Me & Sam & Jane & Beau & our whole #planetcowgirl herd are SOOOOO HAPPY & SOOOOO GRATEFUL!!

HAPPYYEEHAlidays y'all from me & Sam & Jane & Beau & the whole Planet Cowgirl herd:)

Written by: Templeton Thompson/Sam Gay Performed by Templeton Thompson ©2011/2018 Connected at the Hit Songs, ASCAP Produced by Sam Gay & Anthony Martin, Mixed by Ed Seay, Engineered by Anthony Martin, Ben Terry & Alex Dolphin Musicians: Anthony Martin (keyboards), Porter Howell (guitars), Tony Mac (drums), Michael Dearing (bass)

The hard copy cd was only available as part of the "Templeton Thompson's Jane" limited edition Breyer Horses model package at Tractor Supply Company stores across the country (you can still find our limited edition set on ebay;) peace, love, joy, gratitude & happy yee~halidays! templeton & the planet cowgirl herd=)

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