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songs from 7 clinics online liner notes=)

thanks oodles to my "songs from 7 clinics" PRE~ORDERIN' angels:
thanks to Alan & Janice Gorick, Dawn Roberts, Jo-Anne Jackson, Trafalgar Square/Horse & Rider Books & Cindy Meehl for kickin' the PRE~ORDERin' off in style, here we GO!!!

Maria Martens, 
Helena Savenius, Dee Dee Trichter, Carla Wilson-LeffPhyllis McLarney, Tandy Anderson,
Mary Stetter, Peter Adamson, Donna Ball, Michelle Hodge, Cody Jendro, Richard j Orme, Jennifer A LeFevre, Lauran Powers, Janet Olin, Melanie North, Natalie Wellman, Tom Austerman, Jerry Hess 

Sam & i are SO HONORED & SO GRATEFUL to be a musical part of  Cindy Meehl's 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman DVD series...
this is an AMAZIN' & DIFFERENCE MAKIN' project that has truly 
set the bar high for horsemanship DVDs, there's nothing else out 

there like it, NOTHING!!=) Cindy is truly a ROCKSTAR renaissance COWGIRL...her talent is AMAZING but what AMAZES me even
more is her kind, generous & beauty~full heart, i am SO PROUD to call her my friend & cowgirl sista!!...Cindy wowed the world 
with her multi~award winning documentary, 
Buck, by putting horseman Buck Brannaman in the spotlight, right where
he needs to be, so that more horses & people could come to know his story & his beauty~full way with horses...
me & my ROCKSTAR kiddos, my horses, Jane & Beau, have been SO LUCKY to get to ride with Buck, it not only made me a
better horsewoman for my horses, it simply made me, BETTER:)...for folks who haven't had the opportunity to ride with Buck, yet;),
this DVD series feels like being at a Buck clinic, 7 to be exact! and i think it's wonder~full how Cindy & her team have made this
product available for a very reasonable price therefore making Buck's wisdom & knowledge available to so many more people &
horses...i have learned & re~learned so much by watching this series & go figure, while watching the series, some music was inspired!!
and that's where our 
songs from 7 clinics
 cd comes into "play";)  

songs from 7 clinics is a collection of our music recorded for, featured in & inspired by filmmaker Cindy Meehl's project, 7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman the DVD series, it's kind of a "soundtrack," companion piece for the 7 Clinics series...CLICK HERE to hear samples of the songs, to purchase a download of the album