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My man Sam Gay has been workin' away on his NEW Album & LAUNCHED a 33 day Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign to get it over the finish line & bring it to fruition!! AND…Y'all!!…Because of his AMAAAAZING 56 + backers so far, he's already reached his INITIAL GOAL!!! We are SOOOOOO DAAAAAANG GRATEFUL to EVERYONE for your AMAAAAAZING LOVE & SUPPORT!!! 

He's now set some STRETCH GOALS we'd be SOOOOO GRATEFUL to meet & GO BEYOND!! AND we've added a few NEW Reward Tiers!! We cannot do it without YOUR SUPPORT!!!  If you'd like to SUPPORT my man Sam's KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, CLICK HERE or on the image below!!🎶💿🙏

~~~>As of 2/29/24, we'll be sending out roughly ~45 copies of his NEW ‘I Go To The Water’ album once his album is finished & ready to be shipped out to his INCREDIBLE BACKERS, we sure would LOVE to be sending out at least 100 & I KNOW Y'all can HELP US GET THERE!!!

Sam's Campaign ends on Tuesday March 12th at 11:04 AM CST<~~~ 


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