"don't throw me away" SINGLE from Dogs on the Inside documentary

Sam Gay

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This AMAZING documentary film is in the top 10 on the iTunes documentary chart! Help the doc climb the chart and raise more awareness for programs like "Don't Throw Us Away": https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/dogs-on-the-inside/id953806434

End credit song in the new documentary, Dogs on the Inside, Created & Directed by Brean Cunningham & Douglas Seirup & Executive Produced by Cindy Meehl, http://www.dogsontheinside.com/#filmmakers-section

me & Sam are SO PROUD to be a musical part of the Dogs on the Inside documentary, http://www.dogsontheinside.com/ this song was inspired by this INCREDIBLE documentary & the INSPIRING Don't Throw Us Away organization, http://dtua.org/

please make sure to check out this INCREDIBLE & INSPIRING film, you'll be glad you did & i know to my soul that you'll be better for it!:) & if you'd like to DONATE to the Don't Throw Me Away organization & maybe adopt a new family member;) click here: http://dtua.org/donate/ ******also, PLEASE visit this WONDER~full website to see how much the Helen Woodward Animal Center is doing for SO MANY!:) http://www.animalcenter.org/events/remember-me-thursday/ PLEASE adopt responsibly:) It's a FOREVER thing & they are your FAMILY!:)

don't throw me away ~ templeton thompson ~ ©2013 connected at the hit songs, ascap

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