i love to run

Templeton Thompson

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we were honored to be asked to write a song especially for this INCREDIBLE & now multi~EMMY award winning project!!=) even though we never met him, we feel like we knew the BIG, BEAUTY~full Kentucky Derby Winner ROCKSTAR BARBARO because of being involved in this project:) please go to the Sculpting the Wind facebook page & click the like button, we'd all REALLY appreciate it!=)www.facebook.com/sculptingthewind & make sure to visit the artist, the AMAZIN' alexa king's website: www.alexakingstudios.com & the filmmaker, the AMAZIN' Allison Pareis' website: https://twitter.com/ManeMadness SEE the FULL documentary here: http://youtu.be/HO7lWc1PGSw OR scroll to the bottom of this page i'm a HAPPY, GRATEFUL cowgirl!! here's to ALL of us who do what we LOVE & LOVE to RUN!!!=)

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