run for the roses

Templeton Thompson

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publishing info.: Dan Fogelberg ~ EMI April Music Inc. obo Hickory Grove Music, ASCAP Sam & I were SO HONORED to get to be a part of the Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria Dan Fogelberg Celebration Tribute Concert at the Bibb~White Bluff Civic Center at the Van F. Mills MD Amphitheater in White Bluff, TN Saturday, Sep 09, 2017 - 7:30PM

From the FFoP: "We are excited to bring you one of our endorsed bands, Mary Bomar and Bob Ritter, with Bill Ritter as featured musicians for the evening at this brand new amphitheater in Old Tennessee! Mary, Bob and Bill were a huge hit last year at our event in Portland, ME. We know they will capture just the right spirit for our relaxed, laid back evening in the country under the stars. Templeton Thompson and Sam Gay will be our opening act.

~ I think this song is one of the best EVER written & EVER performed. I’m a huge fan of Dan Fogelberg, I grew up listening to him & singin’ along to his songs, he was & continues to be, a BIG influence on me as an artist, my kingdom to have had the chance to meet him...he must've been a sweetheart & it's neat to know he was a horseman too;) I hope we did the song proud. ~ Here's what Eric Mills, Fogelberg Foundation of Peoria, had to say about our version=)..."Templeton and Sam's new rendition of Dan Fogelberg's "Run For The Roses" is the best version of the song that I've heard since Dan's original was released in the early 1980's. They've stripped the song down to it's very essence, and made it their own, while still holding onto the song's true spirit. It is a great example of Templeton and Sam's talent and chemistry, and a great honor to Dan Fogelberg, as well!" thanks SO much to sweet Eric for those kind words & for his AMAZING support & friendship & to the whole DF herd for all the support, sam & i are humbled & grateful!!=) please check out, & ~ I feel honored every time I sing “run for the roses” & I look forward to the day I get to sing it at the Kentucky Derby, for those of you who know me, y’all know that I dream BIG, you got to!! So, here’s to the ROCKSTAR horses who give the jockeys (and all of us horse folks;) WINGS…may you all fly safely across the finish line this weekend & ALWAYS!! thanks to Tess Vanattia for creating the album artwork for this song & to Frankie Lovato, Jr. (Jockey World Radio Show/ & Stampede of Dreams/ ) for the use of the racing photo, that's Frankie in the photo racing & FLYing across the finish line on a noble steed that gave him wings=) Here’s to ALWAYS “joinin’ in the dance”!!

dream BIG * work hard * have faith, tt & the herd=)

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