Texas-born, long-time Tennessean, Templeton Thompson’s new album 'Get Back Up' is the result of her years of experience as a Nashville songwriter, working as an in-demand session vocalist and a touring artist who's played as close to home as the Houston Astrodome and as far away as France & Japan.  

Templeton’s songs have been recorded by multi-platinum artists like Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina, Little Texas and Sherrié Austin.  Along with her success in the U.S, Templeton has written hit songs for multiple Australian country music artists and at last, we get to hear her singing again on this brilliantly recorded masterpiece! 

With the power of Martina McBride and the crystal clarity of Emmylou Harris, Templeton delivers her heartfelt lyrics with songs that can both make you cry and give you hope.  

Fellow recording artist Clay Walker is a fan, “A vulnerable, yet believable voice this pure needs to be heard on the radio. Templeton is one of the TRUE undiscovered talents.”  

Music Row Magazine's Robert K. Oermann says "Templeton Thompson, love the name. It sounds like the moniker of a star. And, happily, her zesty vocal sounds star-like, too... The catches and breaks in her soprano are as ear-catching as her lilting melodies.” 

The process of recording her newest project, 'Get Back Up', was a bit different than all of her previous records. “We spent a lot of time on Zoom working on this album with some of my very favorite people on the planet who just happen to live on the OTHER SIDE of the world!” Legendary, multi-award-winning Australian producer Rod McCormack had a huge hand in bringing this project to fruition. McCormack and Thompson’s husband and musical partner Sam Gay produced the project.

Templeton is a passionate “horse Mama” and this project is infused with that love. The song 'Get Back Up' is a story of resilience in the face of unexpected setbacks.  

Templeton says, “Get back up, get back on and ride. That’s been an ongoing theme for me.  Resilience is really the undercurrent of this collection of songs.”  

Michael Martin Murphey is Templeton’s duet partner on 'Ride a Wide Circle'. She ranks him high on her list of musical influences. “It’s still kinda surreal to me that the iconic voice of 'Wildfire' is singing with me on this record when I’ve been singing along with him on the radio for as long as I can remember!”  

I’m really proud of this project and incredibly grateful to all the creative souls who are part of it...the songwriters, the singers, the musicians, the producers, the engineers and the true believers, I owe them all the moon and stars!”

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