hippie chic cowgirl philosophy
what it means to be a hippie chic cowgirl

it's a way of thinkin,' livin' and lovin'
it's dreamin' and doin,'
always reachin' and never quittin'
it's jumpin' in with both feet without worryin' too much if your boots get wet,
runnin' wide open with the wind in your mane
and havin' it made in the shade of the tallest tree
it's seein' through kind and loving eyes
and knowin' who you are clear down to your soul
it's sittin' down when you need to rest
and standin' up for what you believe in
it's followin' your heart, hangin' on by your fingernails and learnin' to let go
it's seein' a beauty~full blue sky beyond the clouds, even if it's rainin'
and always keepin' a little sunshine in your pocket, saved up for that rainy day
it's takin' the trail less traveled even if it's a bumpy road
and bein' in the here and now and right at home in the company of dreamers, colorin' way outside the lines
and it's always sayin, “now, bring on that horizon, i am not afraid, 'cause i know who i am...
for i am a hippie chic cowgirl, proud & GRATEFUL to call this planet cowgirl home!!✌️❤️🐴🐾🙏🎸

dream big
work hard
have faith

©templeton thompson